Prime Time Probation: "X-dreams"
New CD from a new band.

Primetime Probation, X-Dream's reincarnation, is finally freed and just landed with a brand new disc in your luggage. They have something they would say, and the countdown toward the final release, 19 May 2011 has begun!Decades of processing and fresh inspiration, resulting in a new potion, these 12 songs, reaching from the last millennium and onwards ... ...PTP are the musicians and poets: Deciderius / Moeller. On the disc contributes X-Dream drummer Ole Ballund. The last X-Dreamer Jan Kloft has sadly left us, but is certainly looking down from above.

It was a pitch black night. 4 young hopefuls X-Dream'ers had decided to leave the capitals temptations, though the Copenhagen music scene and all their friends and the bustling city life had already given them so incredibly much inspiration, the X-Dream'ers felt an urge to delve further more into the music. They went therefore to Jutland to look over a 4-winged farm, right out there where the Ravens turns. In their immense euphoria (helped along by various stimulants) they bought the farm on the spot. Later, when the trip had evaporated was the ghastly truth up cubs-Lads: The castle was a ruin, dilapidated and bare, and winters in the final 70's / 80's start was so cold that they awoke in the morning frozen blue and with ice on the quilts. But the industrious young men brewed assiduously all sorts of wines, cultivated exciting plants in God's wild nature, meditated and wrote and played a series of songs. X-Dream also to embarked on a small tour of Denmark (in particular, 'Well' 80 'in the house in Magstræde and Månefiskeren in Christiania). The trip ended abruptly, however, since the band's newly purchased tourbus went up in smoke - probably ignited by embers from a joint! As so often seen before, the women, booze and the dope finally hugged down the X-Dream, who parted in abominable ways. Together with several other friends and players (especially in Jan Orslev, Morten Barfoed and Peter Roed) was X-Dream restricted to record hours of songs and jam sessions at Barfoed 4-track Akai tape recorder in the rehearsal room at Bellevue, where Ørslev lived in those years. (They now fabled Bellevue tapes!) These - and other significant events and songs, created the foundation for Prime Time Probation - Deciderius / Moeller – the 2 X-Dream'ers. Last words: Never stand in the way of the bear, just awake from his hibernation, emerging from the cave-grumpy and hungry - in search of prey. The Dream is NOT over!

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