Prime Time Probation
The history – by Poul Møller :

It all started in a laundry in the street called "Vestergade" at "Gammel Torv" in Copenhagen. Poul Møller, together with a class mate from High school, rented an abandoned laundry in a backyard of the street. There was arranged as a studio in which such groups like Sort Sol - or Sods, as they were called back then, recorded their first tracks. Poul Møller - then bass player - got some of his old friends / teammates involved. The year was 1977/78 when punk gave psychedelic rock (as we grew up with) a shot across the bows, and almost forced us go in new directions - emotionally and musically. After a chaotic and dramatic showdown with another group we shared the studio with, the group who now besides Poul Møller on bass, guitar and vocals also included Jan Deciderius on organ, Jan Ørslev - later guitarist in the groundbreaking punk band Sort Sol, Jan Kløft on piano, guitar and vocals – who unfortunately died in late 90 's after a dramatic life, Ole Ballund - drummer after his younger brother (our first drummer) had committed suicide and periodic and sporadic Morten Barfoed on 4 track multitracking mm. We moved to the Bellevue beach in one of the lifeguard houses, which was created into a studio / rehearsal room and ingested substances ad libitum. It could be done since Jan Ørslev's father was the master inspector in that location. We recorded and rehearsed again, named the group X–Dream - and to this day, the world can fret over not having seen or heard this ensemble live. Unfortunately the lead singer and guitarist at the time hit in a serious degree of stage fright, which put an (un)natural stop for jobs. Distractions were many - women - drugs - booze - nightclubs, etc., so the talk came up on an alternative idea: To buy a farm in the country – in order to indulge in our musical career. Well that's what we did - 3 of us took an evening to 200 miles to Jutland to look at a 4-winged farm that was in the advertisements. When we arrived it was dark, the trio had consumed considerable amounts of illicit funds, and was immediately excited about the farm - even though they could not see anything and constantly was followed around by smarmy boastful dog handler that owned the place.Of course we bought the farm and moved over the second Boxing Day 1979 - to be greeted with the relentless reality of an absolute ramshackle farmhouse that was impossible to heat up, let alone put in order. Under these circumstances we were 4 (actually 5, more on that later) - (Jan Ørslev remained in Copenhagen as full-time punk rock star at Bellevue) dysfunctional dope addicts to create unforgettable, magnificent, divine, swinging music. And yes, there were moments of unforgettable beauty. There were also written some songs by Miller and Deciderius, which largely underlies this music publishing.  Personally, I was struck by an otherwise exclusively female disease: pelvic inflammatory disease, since my room in the winter was so cold that there was frost inside the room the morning. The solution was that the bed was lined with Rockwool. We had a fabulous daft sheep tethered in the garden – its name was the club, we just never had the heart to kill and eat it, although it was so stupid that every morning had stuck in his own vehicles, so it stood with his head tilted down at the pole. We cultivated pot / hemp enough to supply the factory "Randers rope" with raw materials, we made homebrewed alcoholic drinks - including something we called the "Black death" that was extracted from turpentine filtered through active coal - hence the color (and name). It should probably have been filtered at least once more.Staff at a pub in Randers was perhaps a slightly curled in the covers when we came to visit (17 km is no obstacle when one is in need of a drink), after a night of being totally excited beyond description – we had been playing chess with empty champagne bottles in addition to multiple tables - and yes, we had emptied them ourselves. We went on a "fantastic" Denmark tour, which ended with our dearly purchased Mercedes tour bus burned up at the house in "Magstræde" in Copenhagen, when some embers from a joint had fallen down among our gear. We were up and play on a festival called so 80. The punks they sat during the first half of our set of gasping in disbelief, and listened to our naive love songs. The faces almost screamed: "What the fuck is that", that changed markedly in the second half, the more rocked department (where Møller played the bass) to: "What the hell is that". Especially one concert jumps to mind because of a league of its own chaotic process. It took place at a secondary school in North Zealand, where the otherwise excellent organist Deciderius had committed itself unilaterally to empty a 5-liter wine bottle - in itself a frightening thought. Our PA system stopped working 4-5 times due overexertion, heat, or maybe it just refused to reproduce our outpourings that night. The soundman (the 5th ghost – the karate kid) who had absolutely no concept of creating sound, but still insisted on turning up and down buttons at will, found himself with a younger woman who agreed to play doctor / patient in the toilet or wherever they could find an operating table - that is, during the concert. It ended during our second Set where the man who hired us came up and said we did not need to play more, as all guests were gone. It was in retrospect probably very good that the concert was not recorded or even released. After a few nervous breakdowns, and personal realizations about each of us being either psychotic, egocentric dreamers, we split quietly to meet our own personal downfall, but that fall could now be terminated.

Jan Deciderius - on the same subject:

When we met we were teenagers / young men. We came from Copenhagen and thereabouts, "Brøndby", "Vangede" / "Gentofte" and Elsinore. We were working children - some of us knew each other from childhood - others met at music colleges.Most of us had played an instrument the age of 8 to 10 and it was also a time where youth rebellion began - simultaneously with a musical / artistic / cultural tidal wave of creativity. We always listened to - or played music of the Beatles, Hendrix, Dylan, Pink Floyd, Doors, etc., you can fill pages with all the artists who influenced us.There were all the concerts with the Danish groups Burning Red Ivanhoe, Alrune Rod, Dr. Dopojam, The Old Man and the Sea, Savage Rose and many others who gave us great musical experiences. There were hippies, rockers, discos, etc. - we were hippies.We read many books: Hesse, Sartre, Kafka, Bukovski, Dostoyevsky, Malinovski, Benny Andersen, Leif Panduro, comic books, texts - poems - you name it.It was also the consciousness expanded -time filled with hallucinogens, again we went well for us by the courts. We fell so much in the pot with a potion. A widely used textbook was Sten Larris: Hallucinogenologi - or disallow hallucinogens?  And prohibit the nature to grow, and Timothy Leary: The psychedelic experience after the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Others were books by Carlos Castaneda on Don Juan's teachings .....It was a time of war, blah. Vietnam War, the Cold War - capitalism and communism played muscles. "2 step down" (the studio in "Vestergade"), Bellevue, Crow Farm (the farm in "Østre Tørslev") was some of our focal points: a studio, a rehearsal room and a music collective. In this process, X-Dream was created. We managed to record numerous hours of music / jam sessions / experiments on the reel and cassette 8 (plus 1 studio recording has been lost). We were also on a small tour, where we played Lily in Randers and at Christiania and the "so 80" in "The House in Magstræde".We moved some around, but Jan D. had an apartment in Christianshavn - the corner of Wilder Street / St. Annægade in a house he had helped to fill, Poul's apartment in Kompagnistræde, Jan Ø. Lived in swimming champion mansion on Bellevue, Frederick had an apartment in Istedgade, otherwise we moved some around town (and country).There were various Gurus, religious, political, philosophical.There was risk clocks, salt scrub, karate, yoga, meditation.There was love - even (perhaps especially) the hapless.There were families who with a mixture of pride and fear, dumbfounded regarded our journey.By early 1983 X-Dream had thrown in the towel.Statements about the disc:We do not do this here disc to be on shelf 3 at a gas station north of the nothingness (though we are an ironic good could come of it). It is at the risk of sounding pretentious a statement from our side, because there is nobody else who could create the music we have done - that's why! We are not saying that it's better, prettier or whatever else than other music, it's just deeply personal OURS.It was a beautiful thought, since Jan Deciderius phoned Poul Møller back in 2007 and asked if we should make our Sergeant Pepper (without any additional comparison otherwise). For it was true that we had plenty of unresolved material lying (we did and we really still do), but most of it was made approx. 30 years ago – but could it stand to see the light of day - now? After a bit of reluctance from Møller life came back in the 2 old steam locomotives. And we found out that we are actually in a mature age better able than ever to work together and laugh at each other's quirks. We had also laid the worst abuse trends behind us - with no regrets - what we've done and how we has lived our lives one must appreciate - it is indeed, not changeable, and it has shaped us into the men we now are. But the body and reason has demanded to be heard through the mists of dreams. We have also used these substances like LSD and psilocybin mushrooms to achieve levels of consciousness, we had otherwise only heard or read about in books about the yogis and mystics - conditions such as cosmic consciousness, which the highest state of mind a man can experience, it was almost to dissuade someone very curious teenagers like us who certainly did not intend to follow the beaten path or convention adopted and therefore took the nearest shortcut (according to some also the fastest and best - read "The psychedelic experience after the Tibetan Book of the Dead" of dr.Timothy Leary - or "Don Juan's teachings" and Others by Carlos Castaneda). At least it seemed that way back then, but unfortunately shortcuts sometimes lead into mazes or in fact prove to be detours. But that is a different (and very long discussion). But our text universe is certainly influenced by the time and the experiences we had back then. They affected our whole of way of perceiving ourselves and the world around us. And even our playing and composing is strongly influenced of our past, it is not only because of the drugs and administration of same. Including Møllers more than 8 years of "marriage" with the reggae band "Bass and Trouble" has left its mark on some of these songs' arrangement. Like Deciderius with his almost classical approach to composing permeates "the work". And this CD is NOT about drugs.  Møller has his entire adult life has been tremendously inspired by some of the old hippie groups like Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Love, Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, Cream, Fleetwood Mac, The Band, Bob Dylan and Hendrix, and 70 'are artists like Little Feat, Traffic, Ry Cooder, early Genesis, Captain Beefheart, Dr. John, Neil Young, Todd Rundgren, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits along many others. However, there are also all the slightly darker side, if one may say so about David Bowie, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and Velvet Underground, which cast long shadows over our musical universe. And that's just from our youth archives, because there is thank goodness been made divine music since then and still is, though it sometimes seems that there is a little far between the good stuff and where appearance and presentation in the form of music videos, etc. .becomes the main ingredient, but works as postulated nonsense without any real substance. Music has too much become a consumer product line. Form without content. Talent shows highlights the ability to imitate, not create, as a general quality, and it is feels like the soup becomes slightly thin. The music industry has to a large extent become a reality show focusing on people and not the music. Poul doesn't say (Jan does however) that "Prime Time Probation" is groundbreaking, innovative or ingenious - let others judge, and we are as stated before, influenced and taught by many artists who came before us, so has everyone playing music, all we are saying is that we do not try to imitate or hit a zeitgeist or otherwise deliberately using our "craft".  We just make music now only as we can do it.

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